Tui Na Therapeutic Massage

Tui Na is a Traditional Chinese Medical massage.Tui Na Massage | Tui Na | Chinese Massage | Dublin

How does it work?

The Tui Na practitioner performs manipulations on certain points or areas of the patient’s body with their hands, elbow or arm according to the requirements of the treatment. The pressure used activates the channels, regulates the circulation of Qi and blood, balances Yin and Yang, and harmonizes the functions of the internal organs.

What conditions can Tui Na treat?

Tui Na therapy may be used in the treatment of internal or external conditions, traumatic injury, and muscuoskeletal conditions. It is used for treating pediatric diseases and also in the treatment of the elderly.
It can also be used to strengthen the body’s resistance to disease and prevent the invasion of pathogens in a healthy person especially in the middle aged, elderly and weak.

Does it hurt?

The Tui Na massage is a therapeutic treatment requiring firm and significant pressure. Particular areas of tension in the body may feel tender to the touch. However, the treatment is always accustomed to the needs of the individual, it is only as intense as it needs to achieve relief from the condition. The style practiced by Malou is often deep strong and relaxing. Some people though need more vigorous tissue work in order to get relief.

Acupuncture with shoulders, neck and head massage

My speciality – acupuncture with shoulders, neck and head massage is designed for stress related conditions such as: anxiety, panic attacks, depression, insomnia (sleep disorders), and IBS (digestive problems). It can also help with other conditions like back pain or quitting additions.

I have been practicing this combined treatment for over a decade now. I mix Chinese medicine – traditional Tui Na massage with my own unique style. I have developed it to work on different meridians and acupuncture points on patient’s head, neck and shoulders to release muscle tension, stagnation in the meridians, and pain. The technique and pressure that I use depends on the points on the meridians. It relieves liver and gallbladder stress from heat, strengthens digestive system, which reinforces energy levels.

Apart from my own practice, I have been using it in St John of God Hospital in the past two years, to support patients with their recoveries; it has been showing excellent results. Majority of patients feel much more relaxed, grounded, invigorated and they report to get very good sleep following the treatment.

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