Rose Buds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Traditional Chinese Medicine Rose buds, known as Mei Gui Hua (玫瑰花) in China, are young flowers of Chinese rose. You can find them in health stores or in any Asian market in Dublin. Despite being quite ubiquitous and known to be a love symbol, most people don’t realise what healing properties these little mighty flowers have. In fact, rose bud is a medicinal edible food with many health benefits, especially for women. Being quite fragrant and mild in nature, they are ideal for nourishing liver, soothing stomach and spleen, promoting the circulation and unblocking the stagnation of Qi and blood. Rose buds for women’s health Rose buds are a fantastic herb for women, since they are very effective at: 1) Treating gynaecological issues, like: PMS Menstrual cramps Irregular menstruation Leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge) Menopause Acute mastitis In TCM view, sweet-bitter in taste, and warm in property are best in regulating Qi… Continue reading