9 Ways To Boost Your Immunity Naturally

With autumn just around the corner, so is the cold and flu season. Therefore now more than ever it is important to boost your immunity naturally. Your immune system never rests, it is constantly searching for cells that show signs of infection or cancerous changes. It doesn’t only stop sniffles away – it also protects you against potentially deadly diseases like H1N1 flu or cancer. Having a healthy lifestyle, with plenty of sleep and exercise, good stress control, healthy, nutritious diet and regular hand washing routine are best protective tactics that you can adopt. Continue reading

Fight cold and flu with tea!

It’s cold and flu season upon us. Everyone seems to be coming down with cold, flu or viral infection this time of the year. If you are looking for a natural and effective home remedy to fight an infection off, then look no further than ginger-brown sugar and cinnamon combo!Ginger, cinnamon and brown sugar are a traditional Chinese home remedy used to relief cold and flu symptoms. Continue reading

Indigestion – have you overindulged this Christmas?

Have your eaten too much?

Christmas is nearly over and New Year is just around the corner. It’s time for family get-togethers and parties with friends filled with delicious food and festive drink.

Eating large, fat meals (as you do during the celebration time!) often leads to indigestion, manifesting itself with: feeling of fullness, discomfort, belching, abdominal pain and bloating. Add to this a substantial dose of alcohol and you have a perfect recipe for wrecking your digestive system.

Are you already stuffed with stuffing, packed with chocolate and overflowing with mulled wine?

Since we still have few more festive days to come here are few simple tips that will help you get back on track and help your body recover from effects of overindulgence. Continue reading

Rose Buds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Traditional Chinese Medicine Rose buds, known as Mei Gui Hua (玫瑰花) in China, are young flowers of Chinese rose. You can find them in health stores or in any Asian market in Dublin. Despite being quite ubiquitous and known to be a love symbol, most people don’t realise what healing properties these little mighty flowers have. In fact, rose bud is a medicinal edible food with many health benefits, especially for women. Being quite fragrant and mild in nature, they are ideal for nourishing liver, soothing stomach and spleen, promoting the circulation and unblocking the stagnation of Qi and blood. Rose buds for women’s health Rose buds are a fantastic herb for women, since they are very effective at: 1) Treating gynaecological issues, like: PMS Menstrual cramps Irregular menstruation Leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge) Menopause Acute mastitis In TCM view, sweet-bitter in taste, and warm in property are best in regulating Qi… Continue reading

Healing Lotus Seeds

Lotus seeds, called Lian Zi (莲子) in Chinese, were brought to China 2,000 years ago and now are commonly used in food, mainly Chinese soups and desserts, as well as medicine. In Buddhist traditions, the “Sacred Lotus” is a symbol of vitality and purity.   Oh-So-Young! Lotus Anti-Aging Properties Lotus seeds contain the anti-aging enzyme L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase, which helps to repair damaged proteins, according to the Kushi Institute, a macrobiotic website. Due to that many cosmetic companies are including the seeds in their anti-aging blends. Daike Tian states that they contain kaempferol, a natural flavonoid which prevents inflammation, which helps repair aging gum tissue. Continue reading